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College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Taipei Tech
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Activities Photo

活動日期 事項
2018/05/21 Lecture Topic:Rethinking Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs)
2018/05/07 The 7th ISNE Seminar
2018/01/08 2018 Business Revolution New Trend Forum Photo
2018/01/05 CommonWealth magazine "Broad sky" Lecture
2017/12/11 Industry-Academic Experience Sharing Symposium
2017/12/01 Seminar lecture - Looking at Taiwan's past and future from the industry
2017/11/08 The Technology Exchange by Taiwan and China's Students
2016/05/03 Shuanglang Enterprise Lecture by chairman of AU Optronics Peng
2016/02/26 TSMC -- The IC layout and design of the last course of NTUT
2015/11/02 Professor Silvano Donati from the University of Pavia, Italy come to visit
2015/06/09 Awards for the college conference
2015/05/19 The speech and awarding of college weekly convention 
2015/05/08 The 9th Golden Hand Award
2014/05/20 Weekly convention of college
2014/05/09 The 8th Golden Hand Award
2013/09/25 Prof. Lin Yi-hai, Professor of International Honorary Lecture, from NTUT department of Electronics, The University of Indiana come to visit
2013/06/17 The Outstanding Teaching Award of college by 101 season
2013/06/15 The school awarded the honorary engineering doctor Group Light Optoelectronics Xu Kuntai Chairman, Group Optoelectronics Lin Maogui Vice Chairman and General Manager
2013/05/29 Awarded Dr. Bing J. Sheu Honorary Professor Ceremony
2013/05/21 The speech and awarding of college weekly convention
2013/05/19 NTUT Games
2013/05/09 The 7th Golden Hand Award
2012/12/19 Christmas
2012/12/11 The Weekly convention of college - Shuanglang Lecture by general manager of AU Optronics Peng
2012/11/28 Team building of EECS
2012/05/22 Awards for the college conference
2012/05/10 The carry out conference of Research and commerce of paragon Technology University
2012/04/27 The 6th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2012/03/02 Anhui Hefei China Delegation come to visit
2011/11/23 The team building of EECS - Wulai Neidong Tour
2011/05/24 Awards for the college conference
2011/04/28 The 5th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2011/01/31 The school's provost handover ceremony
2011/01/12 2010 National Taipei University of Technology, EECS, CMEE and Coeng "Calculus", "Physics", "English" Competition
2010/06/15 Awards for the college conference
2010/03/29 The 4th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2010/03/16 The president's selection committee is elected by the teacher representative of the School of Electricity Resources
2010/01/06 EECS and CMEE "Calculus", "Physics", Golden Hand Award Competition
2009/12/15 98 years pre-assessment and evaluation
2009/12/15 The Weekly convention of college and Professor Jun-xiong,Chen’s speech on December 15, 2009
2009/11/02 Congratulations! Department of Electrical Engineering Zhang Guoen Alumni Vice President of National Taiwan Normal University Department of Electrical Engineering Zhan Mingshu Alumni Dan Yun Taiji Wuyuan Founder Electronic Department Cai Mingxian Alumni Blue Sky Computer Company Vice Chairman and General Manager Elected 98th Annual Alma Mater Outstanding Alumni!!
2009/11/02 The first honorary engineering doctor of the school and the technical professor of the electronics department of the School of Electric Power - Chairman Hong-yu,Lin
2009/10/16 EECS _ career analysis _ motor electronic group _ tour promotion
2009/10/16 Ministry of Education National Tour Promotion Conference
2009/10/16 EECS class freshman symposium
2009/10/16 NTUT cooperates with Gigabyte Education Foundation - Taipei University of Technology "Gambia Youth E-Technology Class" Computer Assembly Workshop PC DIY Course
2009/07/17 Team building of EECS,2009
2009/06/16 Awards for outstanding teaching research
2009/06/10 EECS class symposium
2009/04/09 The 3th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2009/01/05 The first semester of the Top Of The Class Award of the 97th academic year
2008/12/25 2008 Christmas Tree Decoration Event
2008/12/16 EECS class symposium
2008/12/09 1209 Weekly convention of college
2008/06/20 Final symposium for the second semester of the 96th academic year
2008/06/20 Outstanding Teaching Award & Research Zooming Award
2008/05/04 Games and Anniversary celebrations of a school Highlights
2008/05/01 EECS Class and Course Description Symposium
2008/04/23 Outstanding Research Award of the EECS in the 96th Year
2008/04/16 The 2th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2008/04/16 Our school football team won the 2008 junior college football league championship
2008/03/05 Gambian delegation visits Gambia students of NTUT
2008/01/03 Gambia's electric class symposium
2007/12/19 Special speech of Academician of the US Engineering,Mr. Huang Yi-tao
2007/12/13 The special speech from Director Hai-han,Lu
2007/12/11 Speech by Mr. Wu Ying-zhi, Vice President of UMC (Speech of the EECS weekly convention of college)
2007/11/13 The academic speech of school's anniversary celebrations,NTUT CSIE
2007/08/31 Parent forum of EECS
2007/07/26 Our school course work conference
2007/06/28 Member of the 96th Annual School Meeting, Representative Election
2007/06/20 Final meeting
2007/06/12 The speech and awarding of college weekly convention
2007/06/07 The college awarding ceremony of Outstanding Teaching Award
2007/05/13 The 10th Yi-long Cup Microcontroller Application Production Competition
2007/04/19 The 1th Golden Hand Award Competition of EECS
2007/04/09 Hong Kong VTC come to visit
2007/03/14 March Speech by department of Electrical Engineering
2007/01/19 Renesas donation ceremony
2006/12/19 Weekly convention of college
2006/12/04 Yi-long Cup Southern Seminar
2006/11/30 The lecture by Dr. Jon Atli Benediktsson, President of the University of Iceland
2006/11/30 Yi-long Cup North Seminar
2006/11/13 EECS hosting a special speech of school's anniversary celebrations and symposium
2006/10/17 The 8th Taiwan Industrial Bank WeWin Entrepreneurship Campus Lecture
2006/09/30 The lecture by Dr. Jon Atli Benediktsson, President of the University of Iceland
2006/09/21 Lecture by Dr. Leung Tsang, President of IEEE International Association of Geosciences and Telemetry Society