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Department Members

4-year Bachelor of Science(BS) Master of Science(MS):

Our department has a quota of 35 full-time members of faculty, including 16 full professors, 14 associate professors, 2 assistant professors and 3 instructors. Among our talented research faculty, there are 1 chair professor, 2 emeritus professors, 1 IEEE Fellow, 2 IET Fellows, and 7 IEEE senior members. Notify that there are 5 major disciplines of study in the department:“power and energy”,“power electronics,“control systems, and“communication-computer systems”. Our department also offers professional training in above five areas relating to cuttingedge technology industry.

There are 34 full-time faculty members in our department, including 15 full professors, 15 associate professors, and 4 assistant professors. All faculties earned their Ph.D. degrees from the prestigious Taiwan and United States universities. In addition, the expertise of faculties covers Computer Engineering, Communication and Signal Processing, Electromagnetic Engineering, and Integrated Circuits and Systems.

There are 17 full-time faculty members in our department, including 12 professors, 5 associate professor. All the faculty members obtained their Ph.D. degrees from the prestigious universities worldwide. The research expertise fields of faculty members include Multimedia Systems, Network Systems, and Software Systems.

There are 20 full-time faculty members in our department, including 14 professors, 2 associate professor, 4 assistant professors, 3 research assistant professors. All faculties own the Ph.D. degrees from the world renowned universities. The research expertise fields of the faculty members comprise four important optoelectronic fields, including optical communications, display technology, optical engineering, optoelectronic materials and devices.